About Us


As stewards or visitors of this land, it is our privilege and divine responsibility to bring connection and protection to every creature who calls it home.  The depth of our enchantment relies on our willingness to surface intention in every interaction. 

Espiritu is more than just a Cannabis product. Espiritu is a mindfulness movement. The invitation is to connect deeply with our land, the animals that grace it, ourselves, and each other

Here at Espiritu, we want to give you a unique experience with Cannabis. Now that Cannabis has been legalized and we may smoke freely, we believe it should be done with a deeper purpose and intention. Cannabis has been used for centuries in spiritual practices. We believe that there is a more profound connection to self when consuming.

Espiritu desires for you to regain that connection with this practice. We recommend that when you use this product that you choose sacredness and ceremony. Options are to go outside and be with mother nature, ground, and really feel into all that is while you’re consuming. Ask yourself, What are you looking to gain from this experience? What is they intention that you are bringing?

Inside every pack we have included a spirit animal card. Read this card and connect to its message and to what your body is telling you. Set your intention and take notice of all feelings you are having an experiencing while consuming. Choose to turn the TV off put the phone down and really engage , connecting to self.

If participating with others, set an intention for the group and really see how through intent for consumption, the vibe will dramatically change.

Let us always stay in gratitude for this magical plant and always remember to lift ourselves up never forget to lift up all the people around you.

The invitation is to release the material and technological world around you and convene with this product and the primal wisdom available. 

Consume Espíritu with purpose, take your time, and invite clarity into your being. 

Meet Our Team

Jon Sanchez


Kevin Carrillo